Challenge: Starlight ✨

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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars invites students of Sussex University to hack Starlight Headliner, one of the marque’s most celebrated bespoke features. In the interest of scope, the single Starlight Headliner will be equipped with 1152 individually addressable full colour fibre optics. To prototype your ideas, each team will be issued with a microcontroller and samples of the same LEDs used in the headliner. Access to the full headliner will be shared equally among the teams during the 24 hours.

In addition, each team will be assigned a toolkit of hardware that generates biometric data focussed on three specific inputs: mood, voice and motion. Your brief is to use these biometric inputs to reimagine Starlight Headliner in a fashion that is calming and playful; a challenge consummate with the philosophy of Phantom, the brand’s flagship motor car.

Sponsor: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

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